So, what do you actually do?

Almost all of my friends and family know that I work for Fellowship of Christian Athletes Volleyball in Huntington Beach, California.  However, the question that I get asked more than any other is, "So, what do you actually do?" This question is a difficult one to answer.  It's not that I don't do anything, it's that I do a lot of different things.  Hopefully this post will provide more clarity on what I do right now as well as what I will be doing in the near future!

I was initially brought on staff to start a high school ministry, which I will joyfully do in 2015.  Though right now I am able to assist the ministry with several other needs. I share quite a few different roles right now.  I've been called Human Resources, Head of Summer Internship Communication, Area Representative, and others.  I personally am not sure I have a real "title."  I like to think of my job as a combination of different responsibilities.  Technically these responsibilities are internship communication, human resources, communication restructuring and implementation, analysis of dashboards, internship assistance, and South Carolina huddle leader coordination.  As you can tell, it's not easy to pinpoint what I do.

To help you better understand, here are some pictures and explanations.

Since we don't work in the same building every day, we have staff meetings each Monday.  During these meetings we are able to communicate the week ahead as well as update the entire staff on our current projects.

Not having an office means traveling to meetings.  Christen Clements and I live in the Newport Beach area and try to carpool when we can.  These carpools are where we have had some of our deepest God-honoring conversations.

We celebrate life.  We don't just work toward our mission together, we live our lives close together, spurring each other on toward Christ.

One of the reasons I truly love my job is because I get to make Fellowship of Christian Athletes Volleyball the best place to work.  Recently, this has included a staff day in which we piled in the car, headed to Goodwill, and had a beach volleyball tournament dressed as our favorite duos.  Here Mary (Christen Clements) and Joseph (Graeme Cowgill) pose for a pre-tournament photo shoot.

As a whole, we continually focus around one central idea: make leaders (disciples). From left: Lisa Jedlicka, Daniel Rich, Trent Bruns, Meghan Locklair, Jason Miller, Shari Bernhardt, Christen Clements, and Graeme Cowgill.

What I do is not limited to one specific role, or even five.  It's all over the place, and I love it.  It allows me to be a creative, communicative disciple maker.


Bonus: If you can correctly guess all four duos in the staff picture, I'll send you an FCAV tank top!  To play, simply leave your guess in the comments of this post.  Good luck!

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