"Rule 17: Don't Be a Hero"

If you're one of my close friends you know that I've been struggling.  I've been trying my hardest to raise support for my position with California FCA Volleyball.  I've been working at it for weeks and trusting God to reward my faithfulness. (Psalm 37:34Philippians 4:19, Matthew 6:31-32, Matthew 7:11, etc.)

Through this process I've noticed a trend in those I've asked for support.  I have been asking people to pray about how much God wants them to give.  I want them to get an amount from God, not from me or from their guilt.  I want the process of giving to ministry to be a positive one.  I want the process to be beautiful and blessed.  I do not want it to be selfish. That is exactly what I don't want.

The trend is that people have been committing to donate a certain amount per month and they follow it with, "I'm sorry that's all I can give right now."   The Lord knows I'm downright ecstatic for any amount.  However, I understand this mindset.  I think we all have this inner drive to save the day.  We all want to be the person who makes it happen.  We want to be the hero.

Truthfully, I'd have a hard time giving someone just $10 a month.  Even as I write this it seems like such a small amount.  That's about $2.50 per week.  Or realistically, that's half of a Starbucks latte per week.  To me, that's not enough to save the day.  That doesn't push that person over into meeting their goal.  It doesn't make me the hero of that story.  But that's a selfish mindset.

The reality is that $10 a month is the difference between me going to California or staying here to continue fundraising.  $10 each month from 200 people would send me on my way.  That's only 15% of my Facebook friends.  That's nothing.  However, that's everything.  200 people could get me to California and allow me to serve high school girls.  But those 200 people would have to have the mindset that I am solidifying in my own heart, "Every little bit helps.  Every little bit honors God."

A few days ago I turned the TV on and caught the epic film Zombieland at its beginning.  The movie is funny, gross, and full of zombies.  Throughout the journey, Columbus gives his rules to living in a zombie-infested world.  One that stuck out to me was Rule 17: Don't Be a Hero.                 

See, we already have a Hero.  We don't need to be the hero because that's not our role in this story.  We're already safe and saved.


Please pray for me as I continue this journey.  I need all the love and prayers I can get.