A Biblical Mindset in a Postmodern America

Just recently I accepted my dream job with Fellowship of Christian Athletes Volleyball (FCAV).  I am getting the opportunity to mentor high school girls and solidify the foundation of who they are in God, not our culture.  It has the potential to be the most amazing endeavor of my life.  However, I haven't started yet.  In fact, I don't know when I'll start.

I've always known that all employees of FCA had to form a support team and build their own income.  This was a part of my decision in taking the position with FCAV, but since I have a "starter" mind, I would have been prepared to raise a million dollars that first day out of pure excitement and passion.

The difficulties came after I was about one week into fundraising.  I was overtaken with the mindset of fear and guilt.  For some reason I thought that I was asking people to take their hard-earned money and invest in Lisa's idea.  That's not it.  I pray that it's never it.  With this mindset I was feeling guilt when I talked to people about money.  I wanted to jump out of my skin or hide somewhere because I felt so bad asking them to invest in me.

Part of this was rooted in how I was raised.  I was raised to never ask anyone for anything, especially money.  I was taught that at the drop of a hat I must be willing to give the shirt off my back, but also that I should never be asking for anything.  This mindset I harbored was completely wrong and it hindered my submission to God. 

After praying and repenting, I realized that I am not asking anyone to feel bribed, guilty, ashamed, or pressured.  I am asking people I love to pray and ask God how much He wants them to give to this mission.  They are not investing in Lisa's idea.  They are giving back to God's Kingdom from what God originally gave them.  This is not only Biblical (Numbers 18:19aLuke 8:1-3, 1 Corinthians 9:13-14, etc.), it is also necessary for this high school ministry to begin.  For these girls to be mentored and coached, I must look to the Bible and believe that this is truly how God provided for the apostles, priests, the Levites, and for Jesus Christ.

Fundraising for ministry work is Biblical and I cannot be successful at it unless I maintain that mindset.  Once I get all of the funds raised I can start my job with FCAV planning and developing the structure in which the girls I mentor will be forever changed.  I just need to fully submit my mind, heart, and every breath to Him.

I would be honored if you would take a moment to pray that I will view this as the beautiful opportunity it truly is.