Lake Trail Miracle

Some days I live a comfortable life, just talking to God and enjoying Him. Other days He forces me to desperately chase after Him as if my life depends on it. Today was a day of desperation.

To give you a little bit of background, I did a killer leg workout two days ago that consisted of walking lunges, squats, and plenty of sprints. My legs have been on fire and I've been waddling at best. So naturally, I decided to go for a run today. I figured I would just run that lactic acid right out of my legs.

I decided that the lake trail was a perfect place to connect with God while running. So off I went. After parking my car I grabbed my headphones, ipod (old iphone), armband, and key. I tied my key securely to my shoelace, locked the car, and began to walk towards the intercoastal. It was one in the afternoon and the sun melted the cool breeze. Hot, yet perfect.

I started my run and was joyful that I had already had a wonderful day. I listened to music that made my heart happy, the sun was shining, and I was outside. To add to the beauty of the day, my final master's degree class was only five hours away. With a great mood and a fun day ahead, I went on running for 45 minutes.

My legs were killing me and I was beginning to feel the toasty 82 degrees my phone had warned me of in the car. Earlier I had been determined to make it to the very end of the trail so that I could sit on the dock and watch fish swim below me, but my body told me otherwise. I turned back, still overjoyed.

15 minutes into the jog back to my car I looked down to find lonely shoelaces. My key was gone. As I felt a pain in my stomach, my brain alerted me of my circumstance. I had covered roughly three miles, turned around, gotten almost half way back, and then realized the key was missing. Immediately I turned back toward the furthest point, because that's what my head told me. No more than two seconds later, I stopped to pray, "God, please help me find this key."

To understand how I felt, you have to understand the weight of losing this key. If the key was lost I had no resources. I only had with me an unactivated iphone, headphones, and an armband. I had no identification, no way of getting in touch with anyone, nothing that would help. To top it all off, I was losing strength to keep going. My body was telling me I was done.

I was frantically running back to the furthest point repeating this one phrase, "Father, please." It was as if I couldn't even process other words. After about five minutes of running towards the furthest point, I knew I was going the wrong way. Trusting that the feeling was from the Holy Spirit, I quickly turned around and sprinted toward my car.

As I looked up, I saw two men holding leaf blowers, courteously waiting for me to pass. The look on my face had to have been shock with a hint of despair. I hadn't thought about my key being blown into the intercoastal or under some well-manicured shrub. I ran faster. As I sprinted I quickly scanned back and forth across the asphalt for a sign of my key. I was 12 minutes in, sore, tired, and still had nothing.

As I slowed to a walk, I stopped repeating my phrase and said to God, "I'm hot, weak, lost, and desperate. I can't do this if You don't help me." As soon as I said this I looked up, and there was my key. Just laying perfectly in the middle of the path.

I picked up my key with a huge smile, walked three steps, and landed knees-first in the grass. I covered my face with my hands and thanked the Lord for the desperation He let me feel. I also thanked Him for helping me.

God doesn't just love me, He cares enough to listen to me.