November 22, 2016

Many of you reading this are wondering the story behind our wedding. Because, let's be frank, it seemed quick.  And be honest with yourself... how many of you are wondering if it was a shotgun wedding?  Yea, don't act like you weren't curious. And to clarify, the answer is a resounding no

We had been planning for a while.  We just didn't want a big, hyped-up wedding.  We wanted a small, intimate ceremony and some good food.  And so we invited our immediate family to join us at Wayfarer's Chapel for the perfect day.

November 22, 2016.  The day our Forever Adventure began.

A massive thank you to our families who were a big part of our special day.  We wouldn't be who we are today without your love.  Thank you for flying across the country, crocheting blankets, planting succulents, dressing up, and everything else you didn't have to do.  Our day wouldn't have been the same without you.

And a big thank you to Native Heart Photography for capturing the love, joy, and massive smiles.